Axoning ingénierie-bandeau

Axoning engineering

Efficiency is at the core of our concerns.

What resources do you need to consistently develop your production tool ?

Are your production lines desynchronised ? Do you have Market shares to be taken but which require a reorganisation ? Are Quality levels stagnating ? Do you need to integrate investments made in the long term ? Do you need to standardise and streamline your existing resources, to consolidate a reliable and versatile production model ?

Let us advise you on the organisation you need to achieve your objectives.

Together, we will roll out a stable structure based on high-performance organisational tools (LEAN, QRM), that will be the springboard to a new momentum for your production tool.

  • Perform a global analysis and audit the organisation, flows and processes
  • Run a diagnosis and issue recommendations
  • Create and manage industrialisation projects, and ensure follow-up
  • Lead continuous improvement and quality programs
  • Optimise your production and information flows

Professional expertise in industrial joinery

Put as much synergy as possible into your design and industrialisation: that’s what drives industrial performance.

Our vast experience in industrial joinery gives us the legitimacy to support you with :

  • The turnkey integration of new or second-hand machines
  • Introduce the industrialisation of new products, right from the design phase
  • Incorporate new ranges and new products
  • Optimise your machine inventory and make it reliable Increase your production capacities

Training agency

Managing fabrication processes and the production tool in general relies on knowledge and skills development. This is why Axoning offers training programs to help you manage your production, from design to end manufacturing.

Axoning is a training agency registered with the DIRRECTE des pays de la Loire, France under number 52 49 03217 49 and referenced as DATADOCK.

  • Training in software programming on different brands of machines
  • Training in steering a machining centre
  • Training in cutting-tool technology
  • Different training courses in production methods

Please contact us for any other training requests.

There are many advantages to externalising skills

  • Workforce management
  • Payroll management
  • Realisation of specific assignments
  • Help with your development strategy
  • Budget visibility
  • Freedom to allocate
  • Reduction in structural costs


Because a company doesn’t necessarily need, or cannot acquire all the skills that are required on a permanent basis. Because you do not have the required skills inhouse for a specific project. For companies who want to reduce their structure and externalise part of their services. Because you do not want to or cannot hire an employee to meet a specific and/or one-off need.

The person you choose has no constraints related to your corporate environment, whether relational or social. They are professionals who act from an external perspective, are not subject to unrelated requests and can therefore dedicate their entire focus to the assignment you entrust them with.

Without increasing your workforce or payroll, you acquire the knowledge and skills required for the development and sustainability of your company. In addition, the budget allocated to an assignment is negotiated and known in advance, so that companies can manage their costs, without the risk of overrun. Moreover, these fees can also be allocated to the budget envelope of your choice (training, production, investments, etc.). Prior recruitment requests, drafting an employment contract, medical examinations, pay slips, management of travel expenses, declaration of social contributions, annual pay declarations, wage certificates, etc. All these administrative constraints have a cost that should not be underestimated and can really hold back the progress of your projects.


To accept good advice is but to increase one's own ability.