Qui sommes-nous Axoning

About us

Axoning, one of a kind

On the strength of 20 years’ experience in tools and machining, including 14 years spent in a major group, I realised as a user, that beyond price and product considerations, there were high demands and expectations from industrial players in terms of advice, recommendations and expertise on manufacturing processes, and that they were expecting much more than just a business service.

AXONING is the result of this analysis, alongside AXONING TOOLS and AXONING ENGINEERING.

At AXONING TOOLS, our ambition is to provide a global solution encompassing advice and expertise, combined with a true technical approach and close attention to your needs, for any cutting or machining processes. With our capacity for analysis and innovation in providing high-performance tools, always at the best possible quality:price ratio, we create a real positive and efficient synergy for our clients.

At AXONING ENGINEERING, we work with industrial players to help them achieve their objectives which are to ensure the development of their employees’ competencies and knowledge, and that they acquire thorough knowledge of their production tools. We are an all-in-one methods service, project manager, training instructor, technician, engineer, programmer, etc. and pool our multidisciplinary know-how in managing flows, material yield, machine optimisation, integration of new resources or products and so on, to make sure our clients always achieve efficiency.

Anthony Leberre, President of Axoning.